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Dec 9, 2013 2:00am PST
called it that i liked environment was ok. and though when you look at you know some of the metropolitan cities in taiwan for example type a kind shown in college and law courts the local concept the notion of light you see faulty legal people now looking like not just as the source of the truth. oh so as a way to make the city to make the buildings even people more beautiful than what we traveled down to some of the more rural areas. how was you know what they are primarily you know at the call to becoming a bit and pillows might be still a very import source of stupidity. you know especially at night and helpful people who travel in and out beyond the series. so how do you reconcile the differences among the people on this you know tiny iron and some of which thinking that i should become more of a connection because people would be a fireman on the other hand there are people still insisted on the fact that you don't like to be a source of utility unlike the weighty of people can travel safely to and from place to live as a very thick accent of course before the invention of lightly w
Dec 2, 2013 2:00am PST
immediate environment were always joking and half half the angry that to the taiwan india and burma and to open the seal of a dissapointing. are we really want there's a lack of an incoming international news perspectives and that's what i see no one to one understand more about what a startup is doing in shanghai one understand what a dumb person speaking about the singapore he wun understand about the finance industry in hong kong who want to have more exposure as to what the vet tech industries in his book on value for example that there's less of a focus on these of topics for our generation for the social media generation for the meat federation that no longer reads magazines or newspapers without a stuffed duck newspapers the morning and i was that a majority of us are very very angry with nominees in taiwan. it's always the same. youtube videos are saying you know the same crap or talk about what what restaurant is very very good in goal showing taichung. or look look look in the fighting is going on in taipei from commission. what the sick and tired of that so that we would
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2